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Community Rules
CoinFeedBack aims to provide a community environment where all of our users can share their opinions freely and learn from each other. Everyone is welcome to come to our site and provide insightful, delightful and informative thoughts, but we also hope to provide a space where everyone respects each other without spam, abuse or promotional messages. We want all users to feel comfortable and safe being in the space. Therefore, we are setting up some community rules to define what is acceptable and what is not — all users are expected to follow our community guidelines!

Whoever fails to follow our rules will have their messages deleted, and further action taken if necessary. CoinFeedBack could temporarily or permanently suspend accounts from being able to post, comment, repost or share any messages from the CoinFeedBack discussion feature if community rules are repeatedly violated.

CoinFeedBack users are from all over the world and have different backgrounds in languages, religions, cultures, etc. There are often times that users might disagree with each other — which can be good for stimulating creativity or representing the diversity of the community! However, if the wording or images in the posted messages are used for attacking other parties, that breaks our community guidelines. Examples of this could be related to:

Users are not allowed to show any intention to threaten a particular user or a group of users. This includes (but is not limited to) threatening to hurt, kill or sexually assault someone else, or encouraging others to perform the above actions with rewards in return — all of the above are prohibited. This also includes hoping or wishing others to be harmed in any way.

No one in the CoinFeedBack community should be insulted because of holding different opinions, or in fact, for any reason. Users should not post any insulting language or images on our platform to target one or a group of users.

Any form of harassment, including (but not limited to) harassment based on sex, race, gender identification, age, occupation, religion, national origins, disablity, marital status, crypto beliefs or political beliefs is prohibited. Any unwanted sexual advances, adult media, sexual discussion or solicitation of sexual acts are also considered to be a form of harassment which is not allowed on the CoinFeedBack platform.
Our system stops you from posting inappropriate language or images; however, any form of vulgar wording will not be allowed.

Promotional Messages:
We understand that a lot of our community members are involved in cryptocurrency or blockchain businesses and would love to introduce new services or highlight your brilliant products to all other users. We encourage you to share ideas, product knowledge, and new technology, but please do not directly post messages regarding discounts or sales on our platform. CoinFeedBack reserves the right to review or delete any promotional posts which we think could be inappropriate to our community users.

We hope everyone on our platform will have a comfortable space to view different ideas or find insights; please do not repeatedly post similar messages on one board or on multiple boards.

Any fraudulent acts or messages are not allowed on the CoinFeedBack platform. If any user posts messages or images which indicate potentially fraudulent activities, CoinFeedBack has the right to delete the message or ban the usage of our community features for whoever posted the messages.

Many users on CoinFeedBack often seek investment ideas, so it’s important to provide accurate and real information on the platform. No user should manipulate or provide incorrect information to other users, spread rumors about a particular project or coin, or use community power to cheerlead or bash any project and try to drive the opinion of a certain coin or project. Users shall not create multiple accounts to post similar messages or opinions either.

Any illegal activities should not be conducted on the CoinFeedBack platform. No users should post information about selling or buying any illegal goods or services, or reveal any unlawful actions.

No users should try to use automated services to post spam messages or images, or to try to repeatedly attack our system with the intent of crashing the service.

We love to see users sharing information. If any user wants to share opinions or articles that were written by other parties or authors, please make sure you state clearly where the sources came from. Please do not directly copy and paste other people’s intellectual property on our platform without proper citations.

Personal Information
It's important to protect everyone's personal information including yours! If you accidentally or purposely post your emails, wallet addresses, or phone numbers on the community space, we have the obligation to remove it from public views. So be careful and protect yourself!

This contract has been signed between the administrator of the coinfeedback.io website on the one hand and the Internet user who accepted the offer published on the Internet at coinfeedback.io Sayfa/user-contracts on the other hand, as follows.

1. Terms and definitions

1.1. In this user agreement, the following terms shall have the following meanings, unless the text directly implies otherwise:

"Administrator" - a legal entity that is the administrator of the coinfeedback.io domain name

"User" - Person who signs a Contract with the Administrator by accepting an offer found on the Internet at the network address coinfeedback.io (The site user cannot be younger than 16 years old. The user accepts, declares and undertakes that he is over 16 years old.)

"Site" - a set of information, text, graphic elements, design, pictures, photographic and video materials and other results of intellectual activity, as well as computer programs included in the information system and allowing such information to be found on the Internet coinfeedback.io or other network addresses, but within the declaring.com domain zone. The area of the site that can be accessed at the aciklim.com network address or other network addresses, but within the coinfeedback.io domain,

"Agreement" - This is the user agreement.

"Parties" - Admin and User.

1.2. All other terms and definitions in the text of the Agreement are interpreted by the Parties in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Turkey and the usual rules for the interpretation of related terms created on the Internet.

1.3. Agreement titles (articles) are only for ease of use of the Agreement text and have no real legal meaning.

2. The procedure for signing the contract

2.1. The text of this Agreement is constantly published on the Site at the web address coinfeedback.iopage/user-agreement and includes all the basic terms.

2.2. Proper acceptance of the offer in accordance with Article 438 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Turkey is considered as the consistent implementation of the following actions by the User:

2.2.1. Familiarity with the terms of the contract; have read, understood, accepted and committed,

2.2.2. Entering reliable and up-to-date information such as identity information (username, e-mail address, reconfirmation and password) and digital code (captcha) in the registration form under the "Registration" link on the site;

2.2.3. Placing a symbol in a special field under the heading "I accept the User Agreement" and "Affiliate Program Rules" in the completed registration form;

2.2.4. Pressing the "Register" button on the completed registration form.

2.3. From the moment the actions specified in article 2.2 of the Agreement are carried out, the offer is deemed to have been accepted and the Agreement is concluded under the following conditions.

3. Subject of the Contract

3.1. The Administrator provides the User with the opportunity to access the Site, create and publish Reviews, receive updates on new comments to User-selected Reviews, post Comments, and specific transfers of the User to the Administrator.

4. The procedure for using the site

4.1. Prior to registration, the Administrator provides information on the Site, including access, Feedback and Comments to the Site, without any authorization, to any person, including a person who is a User, who in the future performs the actions specified in the Agreement. Leave comments and use other functions of the Site and the Personal account available to Users.

4.2. After registration, the User is granted access to the Personal Account according to their identification information. (login and password.)

4.3. Using the functions available in the Personal Account, the User has the opportunity to:

4.3.1. change the identification information (e-mail address and password), add a picture taking into account the provisions of clause 8.3.6 of the Agreement, and modify and manage the User data in the Personal Account in any other way provided by the User's User interface. personal account;

4.3.2. exchange personal messages with other users of the site;

4.3.3. Subscribe to reviews and receive information and, if any, notifications about new comments added by Site users about the User's Subscription to his Personal Account, to the User's e-mail address specified during registration on the Site;

Contract Money Earn System; The system reflects 0.0001 TL per 10 seconds to the user. This process is valid for every user, ip combination and does not include more than one user on the same ip. In the event that abuse or abuse of the system is detected, the membership of the relevant user will be closed and the balance will be deleted. coinfeedback.io reserves the right to edit and change the terms of this campaign at any time.

4.4. The user is obliged to ensure the security of his password and account to third parties. In the event that the password is lost or compromised, as well as illegal access to the Personal Account by third parties, the User is obliged to immediately notify the administrator via the e-mail address [email protected] Until such a message is received, all transactions made from the User's Personal Account will be deemed to have been made by the User himself.

4.5. The User is obliged to use the Site and Personal Account in good faith, without violating the legislation of the Republic of Turkey, the rights and freedoms of third parties, moral and ethical rules, without using hardware or technical tools that can make changes in its operation. It undertakes not to publish information on the Site that violates the laws of the Republic of Turkey, the rights and interests of third parties during their normal use. The User is solely responsible for any illegal actions taken by the User using the Site.

5. Cancellation Conditions, Rejection Conditions

5.1. The Review must be allocated to a specific Product available to the mass consumer at the time the Review was prepared. The user undertakes to indicate the full name of the product, including the type, brand and name of the product. The type of products is specified only in Turkish. Only the letters of the Latin and Turkish alphabets are allowed to be used when filling in the Brand and Name fields.

5.2. Posting of Reviews written about:

5.2.1. Unique Products, including homemade and bespoke;

5.2.2. Rare Items Including Antiques;

5.2.3. Products manufactured illegally, including Counterfeit Products;

5.2.4. sexual products;

5.2.5. Gambling related products;

5.2.6. Products similar to or similar in purpose to the Site;

5.2.7. Products/sites that violate Copyright Laws;

5.2.8. It allows users, advertisers, and others, as well as paid surveys, clicks, likes, reposts, surfing, etc. products designed to deceive sites;

5.2.9. Actions or methods of action only indirectly related to the Product, including Recipes;

5.2.10. Certain individuals who have provided their names and other personal data, regardless of their affiliation with the Products;

5.2.11. Personal Youtube pages and channels with less than 50,000 subscribers; Reviews with an IMDB Rating less than 5.0.

5.2.12. Politicians and their deputies;

5.2.15. Maintenance cosmetics, diets, cosmetic and / or surgical procedures, if not enough time has passed after using the product or the procedure to evaluate the result (usually at least one week for testing cosmetics, at least two weeks for operations and procedures);

5.2.16. several products at once. Each review is written about a particular product, service or object;

5.2.17. Employers or organizations where the reviewer is an employee or has worked before.

5.2.18. National TV series, less popular and less popular series that aired for less than 2 seasons.

5.2.19. Online stores in social networks., Accounts and groups in social networks.

5.2.20. Online stores that sell alcoholic beverages.

5.3. The review should be:

5.3.1. creator, that is, the User is obliged to create a Review with his own creative work, without involving third parties in the creation of the Review;

5.3.2. It was created based on the personal experience of the author or family members (children under 18, spouses). Reviews of products for the elderly and disabled are allowed.

5.3.3. reliable, that is, does not contain deliberately false information;

5.3.4. Evaluation, that is, the Review, must contain the User's opinion on the features of the Product, while the Review must not contain information that defames the honor, dignity and reputation of third parties (including legal ones), and must violate Turkish legislation. Federation, morality and ethics;

5.3.5. posting a Review that is unique, i.e. based on the User's repeated or previously published work on the Site
has no right;

5.3.6. informative, that is, the User must reflect the main consumer characteristics of the Product in the Review, but at the same time must not affect the consumer properties of the Product for other Users, including not disclosing the content of movies and books.

5.4. Photos, videos and screenshots in reviews must follow the following guidelines:

5.4.1. Photos in the review should be unique, high-quality, clear, and relevant to the subject of the review. Using images from the Internet is prohibited. Distorting the consequences of using the product in graphic editors is unacceptable.

5.4.2 Screenshots must be taken by the author of the review and can only be added if:

1) In the reviews in the "Movies and TV" section it is allowed to add frames from the movie in the form of screenshots. received by the author of the comments;

2) Screenshots of the sites, games, applications, e-books (excluding the cover) that are the subject of the review;

3) Screenshots of maps, if relevant to the subject of the review;

4) Screenshots of reference information on the subject of the review, where the meaning of the review is not clear;

5) In cosmetics, screenshots are allowed with the overall composition and analysis of the composition. Description (parsing) of individual components is done only in the text and is allowed only in a quote. It is forbidden to add screenshots of images such as photographs, drawings, e-book covers.

5.4.3. Collages from pictures are only allowed if they contain at least one unique photograph made by the author, not less than a quarter of the collage. The author of the review is responsible for the use of other people's photos. Only photos published under licenses that allow their free use for commercial purposes are allowed to be added to the collage.

5.4.4. The video added to the review must be created by the reviewer.

5.5. Posting comments for prizes or gifts from third parties, as well as contests or promotions organized by third parties, is prohibited.

5.6. The user has the right to add an image of a document confirming the purchase of a product / service to the review. Supporting documents are published on the reference page.

The following documents are allowed as supporting documents:

1) The cashier's receipt (or GTIN) of a Turkish store, which includes the name of the product or service, the price, as well as the details of the receipt and the name, belongs to the issuing organization. The details of the check should be sufficient for authentication (like QR code).

2) Cashier's receipt of a non-Turkish store containing the name of the product or service, the price and receipt details, and the name of the issuing organization.
3) Cinema, theatre, museum, concert, sports event etc. photos of tickets.

5.6.1. If a review for a film is written on or before its premiere day in the Republic of Turkey, supporting documents must be attached to it.

5.7. Clickbait headlines that deceive readers' expectations, created for attention only, and include:
- Storing information without which it is impossible to understand the content of the material (for example: "This cream ??contains something unexpected ...")
- Meaningless emotional colorful expressions (eg: "I was in shock! I didn't expect it at all!")
- Exaggeration or distortion of facts (for example: "This chocolate can kill you. The review will save those millions.")
- Lots of extra capital letters, punctuation, expressions, etc. (for example: "I DO NOT LIKE !!!!")
- Mandatory mood, address "you" (eg: Go to comment, find out the truth!)
- Distortion of text: extra spaces or spaces, typos (for example: "The pizza is not real! You can't tell the truth!")

5.8. The use of referral / affiliate links and codes, as well as advertising hashtags and promotional codes in the review is prohibited. Links to stores and social media accounts are prohibited.

5.9. Any information from third-party sources, including rewritten in your own words, should be framed as a Citation (a button with quotes). For example, they are formatted as an excerpt: analysis of the composition, information about the components of the product, reference / historical information.

6. Rights to Review and Comments

6.1. The User voluntarily creates Reviews and/or Comments for use as part of the Site and takes action to post a Review and/or Comment on the Site.

6.3. From the moment the Feedback and / or the Comment is posted on the Site, the User transfers (alienates) the exclusive right to the Administrator for each Feedback and / or Comment created and published by the User on the Site completely free of charge.
The Publisher has the right to post a Review on its blog / other resources no later than two weeks after the review is posted on the Site.

6.4. As Reviews and Comments are an integral part of the Site, they cannot be deleted or reversed by the User. At the same time, if the Feedback and/or Comment does not comply with the terms set forth in Article 5 of the Agreement, the Administrator has the right to delete such Feedback and/or Comment on its own.

6.5. The user gives the Administrator permission to:

6.5.1. post a Review on the Site along with other Reviews for the same Product;

6.5.2. Use Feedback with Comments regardless of the artistic value of such Comments.

6.5.3.The right to change the links in the Comments/Reviews is reserved.

7. User's personal data

7.1. The User gives consent to the Administrator for the processing of personal data provided at the conclusion of the Agreement, including:

7.1.1. Name surname;

7.1.2. Email, Gender

7.1.3. country and city of residence;

7.1.4. User's electronic wallet number in payment systems.

7.2. The procedure for the Administrator to use personal information obtained from Site users who are citizens of the Republic of Turkey is determined in the privacy policy presented to Users on the Internet at the address coinfeedback.io.

7.3. The Administrator has the right to transfer information about the User to third parties, if such transfer is necessary for him to fulfill his obligations to the User under the Agreement.

7.4. Processing of personal data means registration, systematization, accumulation, storage, disclosure (update, modification), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, supply, access), cross-border, desensitization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data. It is not subject to special categories for processing for which the written consent of the user is required.

7.5. The processing of personal data is carried out in order to fulfill the obligations of the Administrator under the Agreement, to provide technical support to the User, to evaluate the applications and requests of the Users, and to send informative messages to the User's e-mail address. To confirm the fact of registration on the Site and to perform other actions on the Site with a certain physical face.

7.6. The User can revoke his consent to the processing of personal data at any time, as well as delete or change his personal data by sending a notification to the Administrator from the User e-mail address specified during registration to the Site, to the e-mail address of the Administrator to [email protected] . At the same time, the User understands that the Administrator has the right to continue using this information where permitted by applicable law.

7.7. Technical information means information automatically transmitted to the Administrator in the process of using the Site using the software installed on the User's device. Technical information is not personal data. The Administrator uses cookies and similar technologies to identify the User's device. Cookies are text files made available to the Service to process information about the activity of the User's device. The user can disable the use of cookies in the browser settings.

7.8. The Administrator has the right to provide information about the User to law enforcement or other government agencies, as part of a legal process or as part of an investigation based on a court order, an enforceable request or cooperation issue. (as in other cases required by applicable law.)

7.9. The Administrator has the right to inform third parties about the User in order to detect and suppress fraudulent activities, to eliminate technical or security problems.

8. Intellectual property and restrictions when using the site

8.1. The Site contains the results of intellectual activity of the Administrator, its affiliates and other interested parties, sponsors, partners, agents, all other persons acting on behalf of the Administrator, and other third parties.

8.2. By using the Site, the User accepts and declares that all the content of the Site and the structure of the Site content are protected by copyright, the right to intellectual activity results and these rights are valid and protected in all cases. forms are forms that currently exist and are subsequently developed or created, in all environments and in relation to all technologies. As a result of the use of the Site and the conclusion of the Agreement, no rights regarding any content of the Site are transferred to the User.

8.3. For the avoidance of doubt, the User is prohibited from:

8.3.1. Copying and/or distributing all kinds of intellectual property objects published on the Site, unless the written permission of the site administration is obtained;

8.3.2. Engaging in commercial activities, making profits or using the information obtained on the Site in an unlawful manner;

8.3.3. Copy or otherwise use the software portion and design of the Site;

8.3.4. Home addresses, phone
Posting personal data of third parties on the Site without their consent, including n numbers, passport data, e-mail addresses;

8.3.5. To change the software part of the Site in any way, to take measures to change the operation and performance of the Site;

8.3.6. Use offensive words that violate the rights and freedoms of third parties and groups of people as username and other accounting information, and also upload pictures as avatars that violate the Republic of Turkey legislation / general moral norms.

8.3.7. If the user abuses or misuses the system related to the Stay on Site and Win application, the membership of the relevant user will be closed and the balance will be deleted.

9. Special conditions

9.1. The Site may contain links to other sites (third party sites) on the Internet. These third parties and their contents are not checked by the Administrator for compliance with certain requirements (reliability, completeness, legality, etc.). From any information, material, opinions or statements expressed on third party sites, advertisements, etc., published on third party sites that the User has access to by using the Site. the consequences of such sites or content and their use by the User.

9.2. The Administrator does not guarantee that the Site meets the User's requirements, that access to the Site will be provided continuously, fast, reliable and error-free.

9.3. Hardware and software errors, force majeure and non-fulfillment of obligations are grounds for exemption from both the Administrator and the User, which make it impossible for the User to access the Site and/or Personal Account. The Manager's obligations under the Agreement.

9.4. The Manager has the right to assign rights and transfer debts for all obligations arising from the Agreement and other agreements and agreements made by the Parties in connection with and/or on the basis of the Agreement. The user hereby consents to the transfer of rights and the transfer of debt to third parties. The Administrator informs the User about the completed transfer of rights and/or transfer of debt by publishing the relevant information on the Site.

10. Responsibility

10.1. The User is obliged to indicate, within 7 (seven) calendar days, the order number, date, and address of the Product manufacturer or distributor's request based on Feedback, in particular, the User received the Product. The manufacturer's or distributor's request and the User's response may be submitted using a Comment or message in the Personal Account. The user is obliged to respond only to requests from approved accounts of official representatives of organizations (see Article 10.3).

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